xVim v0.2 Is Out


Well, xVim v0.2 is out. It now supports Visual Mode, though some command are still not implemented yet.

What is xVim

xVim is a SIMBL plugin which aims to provide Vim Key-Binding for NSTextView. So every cocoa app which uses NSTextView can have vim key binding with them. Sounds like crazy, huh?

What is not xVim

Any way, the difference between Vim and xVim is that, Vim is an full featured (not-good-looking?) editor, while xVim is just a plugin.
That is to say, features belonged to editor (e.g. bookmarks, tags, and anything sounds complicated…=, =) will not be implemented in xVim.

What app is supported


  • Xcode (I’m using 4.2, and I bet other versions will works fine)
  • Chocolat
  • Espresso
  • And anything that has NSTextView within it.